Why we created a running team which is based on local

In long time, we have a Bukatsu culture which is like school clubs.
“Bu” means a club or a team, and “Katsu” means activity in Japanese.
There are many kind of clubs(Bukatsu) in Japan such as soccer, baseball, basketball, athletics, art, brass band etc. Students can choose and join one club, and they practice everyday included weekends.

Generally speaking, it is great opportunity to get new experience.
However, we have some issues abut this culture.

Teachers guide and train for students in Bukatsu, BUT they are NOT professional at coaching. What teachers are supposed to do is teaching to be polite. Therefore it does not matter even if a teacher is not good at sports or music or anything like that. Moreover, it is quite difficult for students to change the teacher because changing a teacher means transferring a school.

From a teacher’s a point of view, this system might be putting a burden on them because Bukatsu is in after classes that means it is like a second-job for teachers. Classes in junior-high-school or high-school are finished at 3:00PM-4:00PM in general. After that, teachers become “coaches” until 6PM-7PM, moreover after finish Bukatsu, they go back a office and do something what they have to do as a teacher. Then, do they get a money? No, they don’t. That is almost 6 dollars if you convert it into hourly wage.

Educationally, Most sports ought to make and keep relationship with a local place because children can get a opportunity to watch adult athletes when they train together. Bukatsu depends on schools so students tend to train with same age people. If it goes on, how can we learn from great athletes?
In addition, Bucatsu would become cause of problem with bullying because students join same community everyday and the community must be too insular. In short, it is quite difficult for students to broaden their mind.

Bukatsu is really good culture but we need some option instead of Bukatsu, and this is why we established Scuderia Running Team in Japan.

If you are interested in us, please contact to us.

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